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The man behind the emotion, Michael Boyd, comes from humble beginnings. Born 1992 in Victoria, Tx, Michael spent most of his childhood playing sports and dreaming of one day becoming a professional athlete. "I was always outside simulating football games or simulating basketball games. Pretending I was an athlete and creating scenarios. I played a lot of sport title video games and was always immersed in fantasy sports or watching the games on TV. I was enthralled with the idea of performing and being a superstar."

Alas, when the realization that professional sports wasn't in the cards, the focus shifted to music. "I started writing lyrics in notepad next to bed when I couldn't sleep around the age of 11 or 12. It was initially something I just did for fun but by age 16 I was writing stuff I thought was really good. So my dreams switched. I never wanted to be anything other than an entertainer in my life. Over the years I never really hung around any other serious musicians and for a long time music was a side of me that I kept secret. I was way too concerned about what other people thought about it. And of course when I did bring it up, it wasn't something anyone took seriously about me. So I just practiced, and studied, and improved in private."

Michael worked as a machinist in a family run machine shop until 22 before moving into the service industry. In 2014 he moved to Austin, Tx to hopefully pursue a career in music. "I had no idea where to go or who to talk to. I worked on the things I knew how to do and what I could control and just tried to improve at what I could. Eventually life catches up and you have to focus on that instead of your dreams. I always kept music on my mind but there was definitely a stretch where I was just busy working and trying to maintain a work life and social life and music fell to the wayside."

Finally, in 2020 Michael got a chance to pursue his lifelong dream with the band, HopeFool. "We were all so new to it and there were a lot of growing pains. We were definitely trying to fast track success and were moving at a really fast pace. Ultimately, it wasn't a good fit artistically to keep growing together. But, I'll always be proud of what Dylan, Chris, Danny, and I were able to build."

After splitting with HopeFool, Michael realized he was ready to pursue music on his own, thus the beginning of Infinite Emotion. So what does Infinite Emotion mean? Where does it come from? "I often feel like with music, every artist is asked to put themselves in a box. They're asked to sound a certain way and do the same thing and appeal to a certain type of person. And while I understand why and I see the value in that, I always wanted more from myself than that. I feel and think a lot of things. I want to express all of those thoughts and emotions. I don't want to sound any one way. So right off the bat, I'm introducing myself that way. I'm going to fuse as many genres, thoughts, ideas, and emotions as I possibly can."

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